Report – CITCO Round 5 – 15 June – Preisch (France)

Wanted new reporter to cover FROGS events – no experience necessary, doesn’t need to write particularly good English, helpful if a paid-up member of FROGS. Look at the below for the dubious level of writing ability needed.
Wellies should have been the order of the day as we set out onto a very very wet course. Arnaud’s comment “I don’t know where all this water has come from as it wasn’t this wet at the weekend” wasn’t particularly helpful. As at Junglinster in the previous round rule 25 was waived as it affected the whole course. At least following a brief monsoon soaking for the first flight the rain abated and one could almost say it became a perfect evening for golf. Almost being the operative word looking at the scores.

Thanks to Rob for the beers and munchies on the 1st.

Standard scratch (average score plus 2) of 12 for the evening doesn’t bode well for the Ryder Cup however.

The winner was a late entrant for the evening on 15 points – Danny K. Not closely followed by our sponsor on 13 who beat Arnaud and new member Jens Buch into 3rd and 4th place on countback. Paul Goes completed the leaderboard on 12.  

 Don’t forget results, overall positions and handicaps can be found on at the top of the CITCO Leaderboard page. They are normally updated a few days after an event depending on how busy Ernest is – what with a wife, au pair/nanny and two kids to worry about its not surprising he doesn’t have much time for golf with the FROGS now.

That reminds me there is another vacancy.

Wanted one or two people to learn how to use the FROGS laptop for scoring. Again no experience needed although being an ACCESS expert might help sometimes. Full training given – 5 minutes needed.

NTP went to Luc whose prize was gratefully accepted by Jens.

Paul G got the leary although one or two of the later staters didn’t seem to realise there was a leary. Guys this year the leary has replaced the longest drive to give more people a chance to win therefore there will always be a leary normally on a par 4. If you ask the starter nicely he may even tell you on which hole. Otherwise look out for the markers other than at Kikuoka who want to charge us for using them when scorcards will be used.

The longest drive (exceptionally being continued for the moment to clear some stocks of balls) went to Jess (thanks for looking after the website) Have.

As you might expect the pink ball was more closely fought than usual. Mark. Gerry, yours truly all just missing out on 7 and 6. The winner again and a clear contender for the Bernard Biggar award 2016 was Colin on 5. Don’t worry Colin we’re keeping it warm for you.

In the STIBBE Matchplay I think there were two matches played. Gregor beat Mark and Stephane stuffed Botty.

 I may have missed some other non FROG night results but please check the latest spreadsheet attached and let me have any updates.

If anyone found any of Mark’s dozen or so (bit like the size of a fisherman’s catch it gets ever bigger) PRO V 1s that he lost during the evening please let him know as he’s missing them lots.

Next event is Round 6 of the CITCO Grand Prix at Kikuoka on 22nd June. Your starter will be the esteemed Colin Cameron.

 Please let Gregor know your availability for the Ryder Cup on 23rd July.

Also start thinking about your partner for the MixVoip pairs at Junglinster on 3rd August.

NB the 3 club will not be held on 20 July as Bijnens beer will not be ready.

Please forward any complaints to the captain of the Golfaholics.

PS thanks to the Hotel de la Frontière for their generous restocking of Mark’s ball supply with some logoed Ultra 500 balls which went to all the non prize winners.

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