And they are of and running

A few accidents on the practice laps reduced the field to 35 members and 2 guests on the Grand Ducal Circuit (the short, bumpy and sandy forest track)…

6 players had engine problems….with Marco just making it off the grid with a rather disappoining 5 pts – a lovely pink golf ball and a FROG fly swat is waiting for you!
Patch, Steve K, Dave Winters, Dennis (the Lord of Montrose) and Ian Doherty must have had the wet tyres or….or maybe just lack the talent which the rest of us FROGs have!

Twas a lovely evening, especially for Jess Have…started with a birdie, ended with a birdie, and wasn’t too bad in between…had the Longest Drive, the Nearest to the Pin….and 19pts!
Our first 2010 Grand Prix winner…..and the Land Rover leads the constructors championship at this early stage.

Beaten on the countback was Tim Tobin, the best starter the Frogs have ever had (in 2010)….he even finished in daylight….sadly his entertaining Adolf Hitler impersonation on the last (two shots in bunker) cost him the top podium prize….when Adolf was touring Luxembourg he joined the Golfaholics, not a lot of people know that…..

A whole host of (four) players tied on 18 pts….i did stick to the rules, despite the fact Tony Nightingale came in third, AND he plays off the ladies tees, and probably wears knickers too….
Good news though, as Mark the Gillies didn’t get the prize….neither did Colin Fraser or Jonny Hill….they got a sleeve of Pro V1x’s instead.

Best Guest was a sponsors invite – Hans van de Sanden on 12 pts….obviously not having to supervise me in the office has improved his golf game! Graham Paul narrowly missed out…

Many thanks again to Citco, our beloved sponsors, for giving us a reason to meet up, play golf, eat and drink together….2010 has got off to a great start!

Thanks also to SHRM, our Matchplay sponsors….first results are in….Craig bt Stefano 2&1, Johan bt Luc 1up….thanks also to the tailor of that fine green jacket, worn by Mr d’Ancona himself.

See you on the course,


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