Results of CITCO Grand Prix – final round – Grand Ducal – 31 July 2014

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Last night saw multiple champions crowned with the last round of CITCO Race to Ducal completed and the SHRM matchplay final played out.

For the CITCO Race to Ducal – 26 FROGS & guests were seen off on the GCGD first tee by David Hopwood, and as he was unable to play, they were greeted by him at the bar on their return. While unavoidably dreary, the stories he had to endure were much less ‘if & nearly’ than expected, with standard scratch of 17 & a plethora of seasons bests. Thanks for the chilled refreshments Hoppy.

Craig Ferreira did his best to continue his domination of the longest drive however his arch-nemesis Jess Have edged ahead of him – but only by about 15yards. Steve Brown continued to consistently outdrive both of them, but consistently continued to put it in the long grass! Well done Jess, but now the dilemma of whether to keep using the driver that saw you murder the ball up & down the middle of each fairway, or to unwrap that shiny new Taylormade SLDR that is waiting for you in the shop.

Jess Have secured 4th place on 18 points, but as he had already won a compliment of balls for the LD, his prize was passed on to 5th place. Mark Phillips scored a seasons best 17 points, but was beaten to 5th place by Stef Ayache on count-back, also having hit a seasons best of 17 points. Dennis Robertson equaled his seasons best score of 18pts and edged ahead of Jess on count-back to win third place. Shame on those who questioned Dave Winters’ complex determination of the prize winner shufflings. Surely his ‘Trust me’ should have been enough to allay any concerns. It was sufficient for Bill Clinton, Berlusconi, & other similarly reputable gentlemen, so we have nothing to be concerned with. Willem Van Rooyen scored his seasons best with 19pts to claim second, but could not better Dave Winters, who had to have put himself into contention for the overall title with 21pts – also his seasons best. Time for that bunga-bunga party Dave!

Paul Sweetman scored 19 points to earn him the best guest prize, but as he was unable to attend the prize giving Ivor Johnstone collected the spoils.
[singlepic id=200 w=400 h=400 float=right]Stuart Rowlands & Ian Doherty both gathered up 11pts on their scrappy rounds but Daniel Kaiser, distracted by formal duties on the night, saved their blushes with his 8 points earning him the pink ball
Willem Van Rooyen got his ball inside Ayzo Van Eysinga’s effort to win the NTP honors on the 4th

So… on to the overall race to Ducal
John Sutherland secured 6th place, to find himself just outside the prizes.
Johan Terblanche increased his points tally by two to 77, but dropped back the leader board to 5th place.
Jonathan Hill, stagnating on 78 points, continued his slide down the overall rankings stopping at 4th place
Duncan Tippin’s ill timed holiday meant he could not improve his 80 points, costing him his top spot & earning relegation to the third place on the podium
Dave Winters seasons best was not best enough, and had to settle with second place & 82 points
Dennis Robertson knew he had a chance of overall glory so cut short a trip, caught the red-eye back to Lux, hit his seasons best, and bagged the title of overall CITCO Race to Ducal champion with 83 points – congratulations to you Dennis.

Many thanks to our generous sponsor CITCO.

There was just one to SHRM Matchplay complete on the night – the heavyweight showdown between two previous champions in the 2014 final.

Johan Terblanche in the orange corner, and Ayzo Van Eysinga in the other orange corner! Terblanche was edgy and focused on the driving range, blasting balls into oblivion throughout his warm-up routine. Van Eysinga was also to be found on the range for his usual warm up, mostly catching the gossip & mocking other FROGS, with the occasional splaying of a ball or two.

The tension was palpable on the 1st tee as both athletes jostled for prime position at the front, however once each had receive their beers they visibly relaxed & toasted the match. Daniel Kaiser joined the pair (late) to allow the SHRM Matchplay final start.

Spectators following the match… sorry spectator… sorry the other person contractually obliged to be in the flight… saw the matchplay pressure yo-yo the lead back and forward. Van Eysinga took it on the first, Tereblanche reigned him back in on the second, Van Eysinga retook the lead again on the third. From that point on, Terblanche scrambled hard to keep his steadier opponent reigned in. His eagerness got the best of him on occasion, such as hitting his ball straight to the 7th teebox, bypassing the 6th green altogether. Once the players on the teebox shooed him back to finish out the 6th, he managed to win the hole with an unconventional par & bring the match back to 1-up Van Eysinga. Terblanche ensured the match stayed at 1-up by missing his short putt on the 7th, leaving Van Eysinga teed off down to the last with the slimmest of leads. Terblanche had a knee-knocker on the 9th green to force the extra hole, but blazed it wide. As he did all day, Van Eysinga calmly popped in his putt for a half, and took his second SHRM Matchplay Champion title – congratulations to you Ayzo.

Many thanks to our generous sponsor SHRM.

General news & house-keeping:
· The MIXvoip FROGS Pairs was rescheduled to Wednesday Aug 13th, but there is a potential shuffle with the Citable 3-club. More to come on this.
· The Ryder Cup is up next, this weekend. Jonny Hill will have given the team their timeslots. We still await confirmation from the Golfaholics on the numbers of their team and handicap details, confirming whether we will be able to use our reserve teams. 2014 green shirts & beige trouser/shorts is the order of the day.
· Full results, standings, etc… will be on the website shortly.

Results from CITCO round 9

Splendid evening at Grand Ducal with the following winners:

1. John Sutherland 19 points
2. Andrew Paton 17 points
3. Duncan Tippin 17 points

Longest drive: Andrew Paton
Nearest to pin: Jerry Mullen

Worst score was Dave Moody and the best guest was Andy Ferns on 16 points

Next event is on Tuesday 23 next week.

Andrew Paton has moved back in the lead after a good performance tonight.

Results from round 7 of Race to Grand Ducal

The weather was wet and windy if you teed off early, from 6pm onwards it was lovely though….hope you early golfers have dried out….

Ernest (our starter) took the big prize on countback from Del Boy with 19pts, and Steve Brown collected third prize on 18 pts. Fantastic scoring, the handicapping agency apologise profusely for this outrage, their cards have been marked!

Longest was Jess and nearest was Steve B…well done to the prize winners, and a big thank you to our starter and our beloved sponsors….all hail Citco!!!

Round 8 is 27th July (YES IT IS A TUESDAY) and Craig Lambourghini Ferrari will be the starter….

Current status at the top is;
Jess leads by one point from Frank Maitry with Johnny Hill a little short of the mark….the rest of us have some work to do (Johan – i mean golf) if we are to catch these boys!


Jerry Grbic is thru to the Semis, well done…his 8 points on Wednesday night was more than enough to knock out Johan.

He will be joined by;
Monty or Gillies.
Johnny Hill or Uncle Merve.
Del Boy or Paul Goes.

The SHRM golf balls are certainly producing some excellent scoring, no need for Pro V 1’s next year Bart !

Bart our (quiet, shy and nearly retired) sponsor is offering a chance of a lifetime to the winner, his executive cottage in the wilderness of Newfoundland….suitable for good golfers and flyfisherman, (who have all been knocked out).

The trophy is just a further reward to the all conquering champion, and Monty is bidding for a repeat of his 2009 success.


Next week sees the FROGS / de VERE Pairs event….we have a strong turn out with some more Golfedoutalcoholics threatening to play (I will ensure society handicaps are adhered to)….still some early tee times available, although watch out for wind and rain between 5pm and 6pm!

Thanks to our new sponsors….WOODGE is unavailable to defend his halve of the title, so who can wrestle the trophy from the 8 times champions Steve the Daddy Kaiser? (Not me, am playing with Merve).


Results 2010

CITCO Tour Winners 2010

Overall: Jess Have 86 points
Second place: Frank Maitry 84 points
Joint third place: Jonathan Hill and Merve Herneman 83 points

KPMG FROGS championship:
Winner: Frank Maitry 32 points
Runner-up: Derek Sinclair 31 points
Third place: Duncan Tippin 31 points

3 club challenge champion 2010
George McMullen

De Vere Pairs champions 2010
Paul Goes and Jonathan Hill

Tenth CITCO event
Date: 16 October
Venue: Canach
1. Frank Maitry 19 points
2. Jess Have 18 points
3. Craig Ferreira 18 points

Longest drive: Frank Maitry
Nearest to pin: ??

Ninth CITCO event
Date: 11 August
Venue: Canach
1. Bart d’Ancona 20 points
2. Derek Sinclair 17 points
3. Ian Davy 17 points

Eighth CITCO event
Date: 27 July
Venue: Junglinster
1. Johan Terblanche 22 points
2. Merve Herneman 21 points
3. Nick Montague 20 points

Longest drive: Jess Have
Nearest to pin: John Sutherland

Seventh CITCO event
Date: 14 July
Venue: Kikouka

1. Ernest Foy 19 points
2. Derek Sinclair 19 points
3. Steve Brown 18 points

Longest drive: Jess Have
Nearest to pin: Steve Brown

Sixth CITCO event
Date: 29 June
Venue: Belenhaff

1. Marco Bus 19 points
2. Neil Underwood 17 points
3. Woodge 16 points

Longest drive: Frank Maitry
Nearest to pin: Franco Mastroddi

Fifth CITCO event
Date: 16 June
Venue: Golfclub Saarbrücken

1. Dave Winters 17 points
2. Craig Ferreira 16 points
3. Jonathan Hill 16 points

Longest drive: Dave Winters
Nearest to pin: Craig Ferreira

Fourth CITCO event
Date: 26 May
Venue: Kikuoka

1. Jerry Grbic 20 points
2. Frank Maitry 18 points
3. Neil Underwood 17 points

Longest drive: Steve Brown
Nearest to pin: Tony Nightingale

Third CITCO event
Date: 26 May
Venue: Kikuoka

1. Johan Terblanche 16 points
2. Jonathan Hill 16 points
3. Peter Baxter 16 points

Longest drive: Stefano Ciccarello
Nearest to pin: Andrew Paton

Second CITCO event
Date: 12 May
Venue: Kikuoka

1. Simon Baker 20 points
2. Willem van Rooyen 18 points
3. Dennis Robertson 17 points

Longest drive: Daniel Kaiser/Alan Botfield
Nearest to pin: Gareth ?

First CITCO event
Date: 27 April
Venue: Grand Ducal

1. Jess Have 19 points
2. Tim Tobin 18 points
3. Colin Fraser 18 points

Longest Jess Have
Nearest to pin: Jess Have

Results from previous years

And they are of and running

A few accidents on the practice laps reduced the field to 35 members and 2 guests on the Grand Ducal Circuit (the short, bumpy and sandy forest track)…

6 players had engine problems….with Marco just making it off the grid with a rather disappoining 5 pts – a lovely pink golf ball and a FROG fly swat is waiting for you!
Patch, Steve K, Dave Winters, Dennis (the Lord of Montrose) and Ian Doherty must have had the wet tyres or….or maybe just lack the talent which the rest of us FROGs have!

Twas a lovely evening, especially for Jess Have…started with a birdie, ended with a birdie, and wasn’t too bad in between…had the Longest Drive, the Nearest to the Pin….and 19pts!
Our first 2010 Grand Prix winner…..and the Land Rover leads the constructors championship at this early stage.

Beaten on the countback was Tim Tobin, the best starter the Frogs have ever had (in 2010)….he even finished in daylight….sadly his entertaining Adolf Hitler impersonation on the last (two shots in bunker) cost him the top podium prize….when Adolf was touring Luxembourg he joined the Golfaholics, not a lot of people know that…..

A whole host of (four) players tied on 18 pts….i did stick to the rules, despite the fact Tony Nightingale came in third, AND he plays off the ladies tees, and probably wears knickers too….
Good news though, as Mark the Gillies didn’t get the prize….neither did Colin Fraser or Jonny Hill….they got a sleeve of Pro V1x’s instead.

Best Guest was a sponsors invite – Hans van de Sanden on 12 pts….obviously not having to supervise me in the office has improved his golf game! Graham Paul narrowly missed out…

Many thanks again to Citco, our beloved sponsors, for giving us a reason to meet up, play golf, eat and drink together….2010 has got off to a great start!

Thanks also to SHRM, our Matchplay sponsors….first results are in….Craig bt Stefano 2&1, Johan bt Luc 1up….thanks also to the tailor of that fine green jacket, worn by Mr d’Ancona himself.

See you on the course,


Results 2009

CITCO Tour Winners 2009

Overall: Craig Ferreira 80 points
Second place: Alan Botfield 79 points
Third place: Ian Doherty 78 points

LAB Pairs champions 2009:
Steve Kaiser and Phil Woodger

KPMG FROGS championship:
Winner: Daniel Kaiser 42 points
Runner-up: Rupert Birch 37 points
Third place: Paul Mastroddi 37 points

Three club challenge
David Hopwood

Tenth CITCO event
Date: 28th August. Venue: Grand Ducal
1. Ian Doherty 18 points
2. Steve Brown 18 points
3. Mark Gillies 17 points

Nearest to pin: Ian Davy
Longest drive: Alan Botfield

Ninth CITCO event
Date: 12th August. Venue: Canach.
1. Tim van Dijk 17 points
2. Franco Mastroddi 14 points
3. Paul Goes 14 points

Nearest to pin: ?
Longest drive: ?

Eighth CITCO event
Date: 29th July. Venue: Junglinster.
1. Andrew Paton 22 points
2. Adrian Roadway 21 points
3. Bart d’Ancona 20 points

Nearest to pin: Ian Doherty
Longest drive: Luc de Vet

Seventh CITCO event
1. Adrian Roadway 22 points
2. David Winters 21 points
3. 18 Chris Brown points

Nearest to pin: ?
Longest drive: ?

Sixth CITCO event
1. Ian Davy 17 points
2. David Hopwood 16 points
3. Bart d’Ancona 16 points

Nearest to pin: Nick Montague
Longest drive: Mark Gillies

Fifth CITCO event
1. Alan Botfield 18 points
2. Mark Gillies 17 points
3. Luc de Vet 17 points

Nearest to pin: Frank Maitry
Longest drive: Mark Gillies
Worst score: Craig Ferreira (very few points)

Fourth CITCO event
1. Frédéric Sudret 20 points
2. Daniel Kaiser 19 points
3. Colin Fraser 19 points

Nearest to Pin: Dennis Robertson
Longest Drive: Steve Brown

Worst score: Paul Goes 6 points

Third CITCO event
1. Frank Maitry 19 points
2. Mark Gillies 17 points
3. Tim van Dijk 15 points

Nearest to Pin:
Longest Drive:

Second CITCO event
Date: 14 May
Venue: Kikuoka

1. Nick Montague 17 points
2. Stavros Evangelakakis 17 points
3. Craig Ferreira 16 points

Nearest to pin: Dennis Robertson
Longest drive: Derek Sinclair

First CITCO event
Date: 23 April
Venue: Grand Ducal

1. Stefano Ciccarello 17 points
2. Ayzo van Aysinga 17 points
3. Simon Baker 17 points

Longest drive: Jonathan Buckley
Nearest to pin: Ayzo van Aysinga

Results from previous years

CITCO final standings 2009 and result of round 10

Dear all,

Thanks to our great sponsors Citco for another magical Citco Grand Prix season. (please clap your hands).

What a finale…..well done Ian Doherty, winning on the night and moving into third place in the order of merit.
Steve Brown was beaten on countback (18 pts) which meant Johnny Sutherland with 17pts was fourth, losing out to Mark Gillies on countback (Aussies are used to finishing third – eg Tri Nations) i guess the Ashes wasn’t that bad a result after all.

Dave Hopwood Biggar picked up the worst score prize yet again….even Johnny Sutherland was heard commenting “Hoppy is really sh1t at this game, he should take a lesson or give it up”.

Ian Davy hit a glorious nearest the pin shot….nearly beaten by Stuart Rowlands, if only a few more worms stuck their head up around 30metres from the green….anyway, Botfield smashed the longest drive.

In the order of merit decider, Alan Botfield needed to shoot 16pts to tie Craig Ferreira….with three holes remaining, Botfield needed three pars to win outright….but made only one par….Craig won on 80, Botfield second on 79, Ian D third on 78, and Gillies and Brown finished on 77…Goes and Winters 76, Tim van Dijk, Fred Sudret and Adrian Roadway on 75….Luc de Citco and KPMG Dennis on 74…

3 club challenge (two clubs and a putter) is back at Grand Ducal on Thursday 3rd Sept…we need a starter….apply within!

KPMG individuals is on Saturday 19th, Mr David Winters will be your starter (9.30 – 11am at Canach).

FROGs dinner is at Villa d’Este 8pm on Sept 19th after the individuals…let Nick Montague know if you are coming and if you are bringing a partner….

Let’s finish the season in style….i want you all to make a very special effort in your dress code for the three club challenge, otherwise Paolo Tarakdjian will win the best dressed player of the year award….

That’s pretty much it guys….congrats to Craig and the prize winners….

CITCO final results 2009

Great start to the season 2009!

Well done Chris Juste, he was an excellent starter for Round 1 of the CITCO GRAND PRIX and the result was lots of golf played in daylight, although a few of the SHRM matchplays went to extra holes….when will night vision goggles become part of this great sport????

Many thanks to Grand Ducal, the course was (as usual) in good condition, and the greens (as always) offered much for the discussions in the bar. The food was excellent and a room with a television was provided so some could watch the big football game. Stirling Albion beat Montrose 3-1 !

Also, many, many thanks to CITCO, SHRM and KPMG for continued sponsorship…and also please note TWO NEW additional benefits of FROGs membership….SPORTS WORLD in HOWALD will offer 12.5% discounts to FROGs, and LEON MARKS (at JUNGLINSTER) will offer 45 minute lessons for EUR 50 (instead of the EUR 60 he charges me).

Only two bad scores were handed in….actually one of these was a 4 pointer for Bernard, which for him is quite a good score, therefore there was only one contender for the WORST SCORE OF THE NIGHT – the practice on Tuesday night obviously didn’t help, did it MR JONATHAN HILL?

On to the main prizes, three players shot 17 points….sadly Duncan Tippin limped home and earned himself 4th place on the night, just outside the prizes.

A good finish from SIMON BAKER helped him to 3rd Place, and two sleeves of FROGs balls AND a glove.

An even stronger finish from AYZO van EYSINGA to take 2nd place and collect a Glenmuir golf shirt and glove.

But on the night, only one person mastered his game and tamed the Ferocious Forest of Grand Ducal…scoring 20 points, and collecting a wonderful PING golf bag…..Mr STEFANO CICCARELLO….congratulations to our leader of the CITCO GRAND PRIX.

AYZO also battered his ball to achieve the LONGEST DRIVE, and JONATHAN BUCKLEY sweetly caressed his tee shot to claim NEAREST TO THE PIN.

Full results

SHRM Matchplay results were:
WOODGE had a walk over Merve Herneman
ANDREW PATON beat Geaorge Mullan 2&1
DUNCAN TIPPIN beat Simon Baker 1st extra hole
RUPERT BIRCH beat Tony Nightingale 1st extra hole
ADRIAN ROADWAY beat Francis Parisis 3&2
DEREK SINCLAIR beat Tim van Dijk 1up
DENNIS ROBERTSON beat Luc de Vet 1up
PAUL GOES beat Stuart Rowlands 2nd extra hole

Current results from SHRM matchplay.

Next event at PREISCH on 13th May….please come forward if you can be the starter…

Results CITCO Grand Prix 2008

What a finish to the 2008 CITCO Grand Prix season! (See leaderboard for final placings).

The short tree lined front nine circuit of Grand Ducal was the host of the 10th and final Citco Grand Prix of the 2008 season.

Nick Montague (in the Mizuno) took pole position and wore the yellow jersey, after a very nervous start he recovered to score 15 points. Botfield (in the Titleist), also on the front row, spun off at the first corner, and weakly limped round in 10 points. Ian Doherty, third on the grid, with some fatherly help managed a disappointing 12 points! Father did better!

The podium beckoned for the challenging pack;
Dennis Robertson never fully recovered from Round 8, and did not start in round 9 or 10.
Steve Brown never recovered after the German Grand Prix in round 5, mechanical problems have persisted since then and he trundled in with 11 points.
Craig Ferreira (in the Left hand drive) had the powerful engine, but poor gear changes caused him to pull up with 11 points.
Jonathan Hill (in the Golf GTI) threatened, but was always a little short and his 14 points never troubled the podium.

All the contenders failed to pick up enough points to dislodge the top three, Nick is the 2008 Champion, Alan the runner up, and Ian takes third place.

On the night
Nathan scored 18 points, would have won, but left the pits with a bird, a Tony Nightingale in fact, who scored a creditable 16 points. With these two now out of the picture, the prizes were presented as follows:

1st Luc (de sponsor) Vet (17 points)
2nd Stuart (starter) Rowlands (17 points)
3rd Nick (champion) Montague (15 points)

Long Drive – Mervey (2007 champion)
Nearest the Pin – 2008 Champion, Nick Montague

Best Guest – Willem can Rooyen (22 points)
Worst score – Neil Underwood (3 points)

SHRM Matchplay
In SHRM Matchplay Ayzo van Eysinga beat Alan Botfield 1 up – neither player mastered the conditions, but Ayzo hung on…

Congratulations to all prize winners !

Individuals event and FROGs dinner will be arranged shortly – keep checking your e-mails and the web site !!!!

Penultimate CITCO event 2008

T’was a splendid evening. Dave Winters hammered his poor golf ball(s) into submission, and despite over friendly scoring, his 18 pts was too good for everyone else. Tony Nightingale, a fine sportsman in his day, hit 17 pts to take second place, with Frank Maitry managing 3rd on 16 pts. Halldor Magnusson hit a huge long drive on the 6th, and then the nearest pin on the 7th, well done the prize winners and thanks to Paul Goes for starting us all off !

Next week is the final Grand Prix event, please e-mail STUART ROWLANDS if you wish to play, venue is the Grand Ducal, on Thursday 28th August. We have to limit the number of guests to sponsors and players like Ernest who play more often than the rest of us….the starter should not need night vision goggles, so please play “ready golf” ! The meal has been arranged by Steve K.

The S-HRM Matchplay final will also take place on this evening, Andrew Paton has fallen off the planet (Italian Golf and Mafia Club connections are not talking)…meaning Ayzo van Eysinga will walk into the final against Alan Botfield, who conquered Merve (the 2007 CITCO Grand Prix Champion).

Only three moves were made in the CITCO GRAND PRIX which is boiling over as expected;
Nick Montague added another point to reach 82.
Alan Botfield moves up 3 pts to 80.
Ian Doherty remains on 79.
Steve B and Dennis stay on 78.
Craig (AKK) adds a point to 77.
Jonny Hill remains on 76.

Full details on the leaderboard

Can anyone else catch the lead group in the home straight????