Results of round 4 of the CITCO Grand Prix 2010

Final visit to France for 2010 saw Mr Bernard Injured Biggar take over the starter duties…out of 40 plus members who claimed they would turn up the 33 who actually did were fortunate to play in decent summer weather…see the results

Jerry Grbic won with 20 points got cut him three shots…well done Jerry!

Frank Maitry won 2nd place with 18 pts…..but Neil Underwood took the prize with 17pts – rule about attending prize givings i think is 12, c paragraph iii)

Which means third place was Neil, who took the second place prize, resulting in Ernest Foy taking the third place prize also on 17pts.

Nobody was upset that Tony Nightingale also had 17pts and didn’t get a major prize (ha ha ha), ah feck…how did he win Nearest the Pin????

Steve Big Hitter Brown won the longest drive….all because his son didn’t play!

Thanks to Citco our sponsors…fabulous prizes and congrats to all prize winners!

As for the SHRM matchplay… all results are final. Most interesting match of the night was Alan against Merve… With Merve winning 1 up 🙂 Results

A note on score cards, stableford points and handicaps

i) Handicaps are generally provided every week. I spend about 12 minutes after each event fixing the handicaps. Use the handicaps which are provided, you cannot decide your own handicap, i get to do that, and if you dispute your handicap you will be cut one shot if you were correct and two shots if you are incorrect. Democracy doesn’t work.

ii) This is a good one by the way…stableford points, and how this internationally recognised system works.

If there is no one in your group who understands how to score, wait for a clever player to turn up, otherwise ask someone clever after the round to help teach you.

There are errors which we pick up almost every week…we are human and we all make mistakes…invading Iraq was a good idea but we either respect international law and the recognised scoring system..otherwise we write down scores and throw the card in the bucket…your call? Invading Engerland would be my preferred choice, law sucks!

It’s really quite easy, women use this scoring system, children use it, and so to do the French…if you can’t figure it, membership will be opened up to your wives!

Remember to sign up with Jonny Hill for the away day next week at Saarbrücken!

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