CITCO Grand Prix – results round 8

Many thanks to our sponsors CITCO, this event will take a long time to be forgotten….and thanks to CRAIG FERREIRA for starter duties!

Congratulations to all of the golfers who played last night…..and thanks to RUPERT Nine Points and MARK Eight Points HOUSTON for also adding a certain “je ne sais quoi” to the evening! Weather was excellent and the course was in great condition and the scoring was equally impressive….

DUNCAN played great golf (apart from the par 3’s) and scored a very impressive 20 points….and could not get onto the podium!

On the night JOHAN came home in first place with 22 pts, knocking MERVE into second spot with 21 pts and NICK MONTAGUE winning third place on countback with 20 pts.

JESS hit a monster to take the long drive and JOHNNY SUTHERLAND hit a beauty to claim the nearest to the pin.

Well done to all the prize winners! The handicap committee have been swishing and swooshing all day!

In the RACE TO DUCAL 2010…(for comparative purposes, CRAIG won with a score of 80 points last year).

Up to 83 points is JOHNNY HILL, leading by one point from JESS HAVE – and JESS cannot play in the remaining two events.

MERVE has moved up to third on 79, FRANK SCHLECK MAITRY must have had problems with his chain and remains on 78. CRAIG and BOTTY are hanging on with 77 points, although both players will play the remainder of the season with a 1 handicap! JOHAN is the late mover, he is dangerously sitting on 72 points which includes a 5 pointer!


Nick Monty v Mark Gillies and Johnny Hill v Merve Herneman must get their games played toot sweet otherwise there will be tears…

However, the other semi final is clear….Del Boy representing Scotland will take on Jerry Grbic representing Luxembourg!


ROUND 9 is on August 11th at Canach, and i think Merve or Johan will be our starter…. I may be wrong of course….


Results from round 7 of Race to Grand Ducal

The weather was wet and windy if you teed off early, from 6pm onwards it was lovely though….hope you early golfers have dried out….

Ernest (our starter) took the big prize on countback from Del Boy with 19pts, and Steve Brown collected third prize on 18 pts. Fantastic scoring, the handicapping agency apologise profusely for this outrage, their cards have been marked!

Longest was Jess and nearest was Steve B…well done to the prize winners, and a big thank you to our starter and our beloved sponsors….all hail Citco!!!

Round 8 is 27th July (YES IT IS A TUESDAY) and Craig Lambourghini Ferrari will be the starter….

Current status at the top is;
Jess leads by one point from Frank Maitry with Johnny Hill a little short of the mark….the rest of us have some work to do (Johan – i mean golf) if we are to catch these boys!


Jerry Grbic is thru to the Semis, well done…his 8 points on Wednesday night was more than enough to knock out Johan.

He will be joined by;
Monty or Gillies.
Johnny Hill or Uncle Merve.
Del Boy or Paul Goes.

The SHRM golf balls are certainly producing some excellent scoring, no need for Pro V 1’s next year Bart !

Bart our (quiet, shy and nearly retired) sponsor is offering a chance of a lifetime to the winner, his executive cottage in the wilderness of Newfoundland….suitable for good golfers and flyfisherman, (who have all been knocked out).

The trophy is just a further reward to the all conquering champion, and Monty is bidding for a repeat of his 2009 success.


Next week sees the FROGS / de VERE Pairs event….we have a strong turn out with some more Golfedoutalcoholics threatening to play (I will ensure society handicaps are adhered to)….still some early tee times available, although watch out for wind and rain between 5pm and 6pm!

Thanks to our new sponsors….WOODGE is unavailable to defend his halve of the title, so who can wrestle the trophy from the 8 times champions Steve the Daddy Kaiser? (Not me, am playing with Merve).


Race to Ducal – round 5

Round 5 took place at Golfclub Saarbrücken. 19 Frogs played a course in great condition.

Winner was Dave Winters on 17 pts with Craig Ferreira as runner up on 16 pts. The night’s starter, Jonathan Hill, took advantage of Alan Botfield’s absence and soared into the lead of the Race to Ducal by scoring third place and 16 pts.

Nearest to pin was Craig Ferreira and longest drive Dave Winters. Dennis Robertson claimed the worst score with 7 pts.

The updated leaderboard will be posted shortly.

Next event is in two weeks the 29 June at Junglinster.

Results of round 4 of the CITCO Grand Prix 2010

Final visit to France for 2010 saw Mr Bernard Injured Biggar take over the starter duties…out of 40 plus members who claimed they would turn up the 33 who actually did were fortunate to play in decent summer weather…see the results

Jerry Grbic won with 20 points got cut him three shots…well done Jerry!

Frank Maitry won 2nd place with 18 pts…..but Neil Underwood took the prize with 17pts – rule about attending prize givings i think is 12, c paragraph iii)

Which means third place was Neil, who took the second place prize, resulting in Ernest Foy taking the third place prize also on 17pts.

Nobody was upset that Tony Nightingale also had 17pts and didn’t get a major prize (ha ha ha), ah feck…how did he win Nearest the Pin????

Steve Big Hitter Brown won the longest drive….all because his son didn’t play!

Thanks to Citco our sponsors…fabulous prizes and congrats to all prize winners!

As for the SHRM matchplay… all results are final. Most interesting match of the night was Alan against Merve… With Merve winning 1 up 🙂 Results

A note on score cards, stableford points and handicaps

i) Handicaps are generally provided every week. I spend about 12 minutes after each event fixing the handicaps. Use the handicaps which are provided, you cannot decide your own handicap, i get to do that, and if you dispute your handicap you will be cut one shot if you were correct and two shots if you are incorrect. Democracy doesn’t work.

ii) This is a good one by the way…stableford points, and how this internationally recognised system works.

If there is no one in your group who understands how to score, wait for a clever player to turn up, otherwise ask someone clever after the round to help teach you.

There are errors which we pick up almost every week…we are human and we all make mistakes…invading Iraq was a good idea but we either respect international law and the recognised scoring system..otherwise we write down scores and throw the card in the bucket…your call? Invading Engerland would be my preferred choice, law sucks!

It’s really quite easy, women use this scoring system, children use it, and so to do the French…if you can’t figure it, membership will be opened up to your wives!

Remember to sign up with Jonny Hill for the away day next week at Saarbrücken!

Great start to the season 2009!

Well done Chris Juste, he was an excellent starter for Round 1 of the CITCO GRAND PRIX and the result was lots of golf played in daylight, although a few of the SHRM matchplays went to extra holes….when will night vision goggles become part of this great sport????

Many thanks to Grand Ducal, the course was (as usual) in good condition, and the greens (as always) offered much for the discussions in the bar. The food was excellent and a room with a television was provided so some could watch the big football game. Stirling Albion beat Montrose 3-1 !

Also, many, many thanks to CITCO, SHRM and KPMG for continued sponsorship…and also please note TWO NEW additional benefits of FROGs membership….SPORTS WORLD in HOWALD will offer 12.5% discounts to FROGs, and LEON MARKS (at JUNGLINSTER) will offer 45 minute lessons for EUR 50 (instead of the EUR 60 he charges me).

Only two bad scores were handed in….actually one of these was a 4 pointer for Bernard, which for him is quite a good score, therefore there was only one contender for the WORST SCORE OF THE NIGHT – the practice on Tuesday night obviously didn’t help, did it MR JONATHAN HILL?

On to the main prizes, three players shot 17 points….sadly Duncan Tippin limped home and earned himself 4th place on the night, just outside the prizes.

A good finish from SIMON BAKER helped him to 3rd Place, and two sleeves of FROGs balls AND a glove.

An even stronger finish from AYZO van EYSINGA to take 2nd place and collect a Glenmuir golf shirt and glove.

But on the night, only one person mastered his game and tamed the Ferocious Forest of Grand Ducal…scoring 20 points, and collecting a wonderful PING golf bag…..Mr STEFANO CICCARELLO….congratulations to our leader of the CITCO GRAND PRIX.

AYZO also battered his ball to achieve the LONGEST DRIVE, and JONATHAN BUCKLEY sweetly caressed his tee shot to claim NEAREST TO THE PIN.

Full results

SHRM Matchplay results were:
WOODGE had a walk over Merve Herneman
ANDREW PATON beat Geaorge Mullan 2&1
DUNCAN TIPPIN beat Simon Baker 1st extra hole
RUPERT BIRCH beat Tony Nightingale 1st extra hole
ADRIAN ROADWAY beat Francis Parisis 3&2
DEREK SINCLAIR beat Tim van Dijk 1up
DENNIS ROBERTSON beat Luc de Vet 1up
PAUL GOES beat Stuart Rowlands 2nd extra hole

Current results from SHRM matchplay.

Next event at PREISCH on 13th May….please come forward if you can be the starter…

Penultimate CITCO event 2008

T’was a splendid evening. Dave Winters hammered his poor golf ball(s) into submission, and despite over friendly scoring, his 18 pts was too good for everyone else. Tony Nightingale, a fine sportsman in his day, hit 17 pts to take second place, with Frank Maitry managing 3rd on 16 pts. Halldor Magnusson hit a huge long drive on the 6th, and then the nearest pin on the 7th, well done the prize winners and thanks to Paul Goes for starting us all off !

Next week is the final Grand Prix event, please e-mail STUART ROWLANDS if you wish to play, venue is the Grand Ducal, on Thursday 28th August. We have to limit the number of guests to sponsors and players like Ernest who play more often than the rest of us….the starter should not need night vision goggles, so please play “ready golf” ! The meal has been arranged by Steve K.

The S-HRM Matchplay final will also take place on this evening, Andrew Paton has fallen off the planet (Italian Golf and Mafia Club connections are not talking)…meaning Ayzo van Eysinga will walk into the final against Alan Botfield, who conquered Merve (the 2007 CITCO Grand Prix Champion).

Only three moves were made in the CITCO GRAND PRIX which is boiling over as expected;
Nick Montague added another point to reach 82.
Alan Botfield moves up 3 pts to 80.
Ian Doherty remains on 79.
Steve B and Dennis stay on 78.
Craig (AKK) adds a point to 77.
Jonny Hill remains on 76.

Full details on the leaderboard

Can anyone else catch the lead group in the home straight????

LAB Pairs competition

The LAB pairs competition took place in beautiful weather today at Canach. Some impressive scoring by the winners Alan Stewart and Alan Botfield: 44 points!
Second place: Merve Herneman and Luc De Vet 41 points
Third place: Stuart Rowlands and Franco Mastroddi 41 points.

Nearest to pin: Merve Herneman.
Longest drive: Craig Ferreira.

Worst score: Craig Ferreira and Nick Montague.

LAB Pairs competition
From left to right Alan Stewart, Nick Montague (LAB), Steve Kaiser and Alan Botfield.

Don’t forget to look at the updated schedule!