Results of CITCO Grand Prix round 6 – Belenhaff – 25 June 2014

Last night saw the FROGS descend on Junglinster one more time for round 6 of the CITCO Grand Prix.

Patch Lowe started off proceedings on the night, but with a few late no-shows he was left on the teebox without a playing partner. There was only ever going to be one winner between the choice of a cold beer and playing a 1-ball flight. Thanks Patch, and someone has a sleeve of FROG balls for you.

Junglinster has traditionally been the home of high scores, but the course demanded a considerable amount of shots from the majority of the 20 players. John Sutherland took 5th place with 13pts, Johan Terblanche 4th place with 14pts (bringing him to second place overall, on 73pts). Our Race to Ducal leader, Jonny Hill, took the bottom step on the podium with 15pts (increased his overall points tally to 78pts). Dennis Robertson took two less shots and his 17pts earned the next step up. Craig Ferreira claimed the highest perch on the night, but that was only by getting his ball stuck up a tree, not by scoring the most points. Disappointingly he didn’t climb & play from the tree, Sergio Garcia-style! More importantly, Mark Houston did claim the highest perch on the podium with a fine 18pts & was there to receive the applause.

When not in the running for winning a second event in a row, John Sutherland was determined to will all other prizes on offer. He earned the right to have his name down on both the longest drive and NTP markers. Johan Terblanche, Andrew Paton and Nathan Sneyd ensured that he didn’t take the clean sweep, but all doing so on the short hole. Nathan put his drive to within a few inches & took the NTP. For the third week running Johnny has been in the prizes, adding last night’s Longest Drive title to his previous 1st place & pink ball!

Tony Whiteman set the early standard on the night for the Pink ball, with 7 pts. He waited nervously until he found another mug to take over the hot seat, with Ian Doherty matching his 7pts & loosing on count-back. Luckily for both, Step Ayache was not showing the form that won him the Race to Ducal title last year. He toasted his 6pts & pink ball victory with a round of ‘Ladies-Tee’ Gin & Tonic’s. Steph did point out that it was not him that failed to pass the red markers, so obviously some stellar golf in that flight!

Standard scratch was 14pts

Thanks to our sponsors, CITCO.

Last night was the deadline for round 2 of the SHRM Matchplay, with 3 matches completing.

Jonny Hill bt Tony Whiteman 4&3
Johan Terblanche bt Ian Doherty 4&2
Ayzo van Eysinga bt Andrew Paton 2&1

It is onwards to the quarter final stages, which are to be played by 16th July.

Thanks to our sponsors, SHRM.

General news & house-keeping:

• Jonny Hill has sent a request for Ryder Cup availability, but technical challenges have conspired not to delivery to all. If you have not received his mail, don’t worry – it is not a reflection on your golf. If you are available, let Jonny know.
• If you have not already got a partner for the Pairs competition, buddy up – it is only 2 weeks away. John Sutherland will be asking for your team & preferred starting times.
• Mark Houston will be in touch later this week to organize the next events running order. We are in Preisch on the 2nd, where those brave enough will playing the Germany course.
• Full results, standings, etc… will be on the website shortly

Results of CITCO Grand Prix round 5 – Preisch – 18 June 2014

Wednesday night saw the 5th round of the CITCO Grand Prix being played on the France course at Preisch.

The most impressive performance on the night goes to our starter, Tony Whiteman, who put on a smorgasbord of delights for the 21 players on the night. Cheeses, olives, fine New Zealand wine, and a selection of different shaped beers were all on offer. Chapeau to you Sir!

Consistency is the word of the day to describe the rest of the evenings activities.
Consistency; Noun; plural consistencies
1. Reliability or uniformity; the quality of being consistent. ?
2. The degree of viscosity of something.
3. The characteristic a Golfer strives to apply to his game, in order to attain top spot in the CITCO Grand Prix.

Consistency was evident, with nearly everyone scored a uniform 16 points… Well Mark Houston, Duncan Tippin & Dave Winters all did at least. Duncan lost out to Mark for third place on count-back, but he managed to wrestle it back as Mark was unable to attend the prize giving & receive his spoils. Maybe he was stuck on the border crossing, surrounded by baguette wielding strikers!
Dave Winters, taking over presentation duties from Alan Botfield (who appears to have accidentally landed a job that requires he actually does some work), awarded himself with a well earned second place.
Johnny Sutherland also displayed the characteristic of being consistent, with a stellar 19 points to taking the top spot on the podium. Hmmm… I think I might need to rethink the word of the day!
The football World Cup joined in on the consistency theme, with Spain bringing the same standard of play that saw the current title holders put themselves out of contention before the competition is half over. Are there any parallels to be drawn to last year’s CITCO Grand Prix winner’s standings as we hit the midway mark in the race to Ducal 2014? #whatsupStefAyache?

Arnaud Bouteiller could have maintained a consistent form & won the best guest prize, but was ruled out of contention as he miss-timed his acceptance of the offer to join the FROGS society as a full member. Welcome Arnaud, and there is absolutely no pressure on you to bring in that extra half point needed for FROGS to win the Ryder Cup this year. Absolutely no pressure, at all, so don’t stress.

Jess Have had the best shot on the nominated short hole to bag him 6 FROG-logoed balls (yes, they have arrived), and Ian Doherty just inched past Daniel Kaisers drive on the nominated long hole to take the other 6.

There was much squabbling over the Pink Ball last night with Colin Fraser, Mark Philips, Fréd Sudret & Frank Maitry all bring home 7pts. It was squeaky bum time when the reverse count-back was called – scratch, scratch, a scratch, another scratch, a shared 2pts, before Mark Philips showed that you don’t need to practice 5 times a week to be consistent & took the pink spoils for a second week running.

Standard scratch was 14 points.

Top 5 in the overall standings are Johan Terblanche (59) Gerry Mullen (59), Craig Ferreira (64), Duncan Tippin (72), and Mr Consistency himself, Jonny Hill, with 5×15=75pts*.
*Note – Jonny, your score is actually 76, but that doesn’t divide by 5, so I have changed it for the sake of fitting my word of the day theme.

Duncan’s claim of this being the same score which he hit to win the race to Ducal was dismissed by the crowd as having the consistency of organic matter omitted by a male bovine animal. Checking the archives, he speaks the truth, sharing the honors with Craig back in ’06.

Thanks to our sponsors, CITCO.

SHRM Matchplay
There were plenty of SHRM Matchplay matches held this week (not all on the night)

Duncan Tippin bt Dave Winters 4&2
Johan Terblanche bt Luc De Vet 1up
Tony Whiteman accepted a w/o from Neil Underwood
Jess Have bt Stef Ayache 2&1
Ian Doherty bt Mark Philips 4&2
Ayzo Van Eysinga bt Tony Nightingale 4&2
Craig Ferreira bt Daniel Kaiser, requiring 1 extra hole to do so.

June 25th is the deadline for the remaining round 2 matches, please.

Thanks to our sponsors, SHRM.

General news & house-keeping:
• Frogs are sponsoring the Leary at the annual KCIT golf day on June 28th.
• Jonny Hill will be carefully studying your form for Ryder Cup selection. The competition will be played on Aug 2nd. If you are available for selection, please let Jonny know. @Johnny Sutherland – he will be applying the ‘number of pink balls versus event wins’ algorithm before making his decision.
• For all who have not performed starter duties this or last season, there is only one last opportunity to support your society. We need a starter for the Frank Maitry sponsored Pairs event on Wed July 9th. will gladly receive your offer to initiate play on the day.
• If you have not already got a partner for the Pairs competition, buddy up – it is only a few weeks away.
• If you have not received your FROGS 2014 shirt, please see Johan at the next event.
• Patch Lowe will be in touch to collect your preferred starting times for the next event in Junglinster on the 25th.
• Full results, standings, etc… will be on the website shortly.

Results of CITCO Grand Prix round 4 – Belenhaff – 4 June 2014

On a menacingly grey evening, 25 bold FROGS ventured out to face the stormy challenge of Junglinster and their golfing frailties. But the weather conditions prove no hindrance to the natural golfing abilities of certain FROGS, while the others appeared to struggle to survive in their natural, wet habitat.

Best guest of the two present went to Arnaud Bouteiller with an excellent 16 points. Having now been invited to become a member, Arnaud will no longer be eligible for this fine award and will have to face up to the challenge of the increasing number of below par FROG handicappers – ask one of them, who managed to get the grand total of one point with a par on the 9th last night!

On the SHRM match play front, Johnny Sutherland sportingly accepted Gregor Dalrymple’s concession of their match. Whereas, on the night, Derek Sinclair aka Delboy, after a magnificent drive on the 8th, decided to shank his second and let go the chance of eliminating our sponsor in the shape of Mr Daniel Kaiser losing out 2&1. The two Daves (Winters and Walker) battled to the 9th where Mr Winters prevailed 1up, while Craig and Paul went to the first extra hole before Craig knocked out our shaggy-haired Dutch friend!

There are still a number of match plays to be completed so get in contact with your opponents and let the Committee know the results.

Craig also outdrove all to win the longest drive and he still managed to claim that his ball had stopped dead. Johny Sutherland hit a beauty to within 2 metres of the hall on the 4th but, no, he didn’t make the birdie.

The CITCO challenge remains a hard-fought affair: Nathan won third place on count back with 18 points while Franco Mastroddi lost out on count back to Jonny Hill, both with 19. Mr Hills was most appreciative of the generous contribution to his new waterproof equipment.

The overall leader of the CITCO challenge after 4 rounds is Jonny Hill with an excellent 62 points, followed by Duncan Tippin on 56 and Craig on 53.

Last and truly last, the pink ball. Again another close battle but the outright winner with 6 points was Mr Mark Philips!

Many thanks to our sponsors and see you all at Preisch on 18th June. Patch Lowe will be in contact shortly.