Report – Bijnens Beer 3 Club Challenge – Kikuoka – Wednesday 25th July 2018

Fellow Frogs,

15 Frogs and 2 guests braved a windless 34 degree heat for the Bijnens beer 3 club challenge at Kikuoka.

Sweltering conditions did not deter our starter Tony Whiteman, in jandals (apparently from japanese sandals), offering up bbq’d lamb and recreational NZ red on the first tee.

Thankfully, he also had Australian and South African red.

Many thanks to Tony and flossy (who was flown in from NZ for the event).

The most asked question on the first tee, “to take a putter or not to take a putter”, with most choosing the former.

I chose a 2 iron to putt and duly 4 putted the second hole prompting “told you so” giggles from my playing partners with putters David Winters (8 points) and Paul Hinstridge (9 points).

Despite the lack of recent rain the course was great condition with the fairways offering much needed roll for this format.

The Frogmittee elected to change the after round presentation setup by supplying a very welcome cold beer or 3 at the halfway house.

A nice change that saw all the “bitches” exchanging tales of how they navigated the course with their club selections.

Thanks to Peter B for talking me through all nine holes.

Maybe next time we could also order pizza’s and really piss off the restaurant at Kikuoka.

The results:

NTP: Mark G just pipping his playing partner, Dave.

LEARY: Nobody sadly – no wonder we lost the cup

No longest drive for this event.


Me – 16 points (and happy to know I wont be cut)

Crispy Lowe – 13

Luc DV – 12

Stefano – 12

Andrew Pattoni – 12

Franco – 11

The pink ball was a close run affair with Dennis claiming the honour with 6 points.

Looking forward to seeing him tee it up at the next Frogs.

Other noteables:

Chris McK – 8

Craig  (or Tormund Giantsbane from Game of Thrones) – 7

The results for our guests:

Winner – Kai Wouters – 12

Pink ball – Paul Hinstridge – 9

Lessons learned:

1.       Take water on the course when its boiling hot

2.       Kiwis don’t like their wine being called recreational

3.       You don’t need a putter to win the 3 club challenge

4.       You don’t need to be a real golfer to win the 3 club  challenge but you do need Bottie to be away

5.       You don’t need more than 3 balls as you will always find others when looking

6.       Ireland beat Australia 2-1 in the rugby

7.       Peter Baxter looks younger than me

8.       All kiwi sheep are called Marty – Come Marty,  Come Marty

9.       You don’t need to insult women or handicapped people when writing a frogs report

10.   You probably shouldn’t insult kiwis in a frogs report

Next event is Round 8 Wednesday 15 August – Kikuoka (added due to cancellation of round of 23 May)



P.S. Thanks Tony, The Felton Road is actually a great drop.

P.P.S. Peter did not actually talk me thru ALL 9 holes

CITCO report round 7 – 18 July 2018 – Junglinster

What a beautiful evening it was!

First of all, thanks to our starter Maarten, who clearly knows how to organize things. 22 FROGS members and 4 guests were welcomed with a good layer of “huzarensalade”, which is probably the best of Dutch cuisine you’ll ever experience, followed by a shot of nice old Dutch “jenever” and a draft beer. And on top of that a cold beer for during the round, which I’m sure everyone finished before reaching the tee of the second hole. I like this Burgundy style start of our rounds and challenge every next starter to be as original in their choice of food and drinks on the first tee. Just make sure it contains alcohol…

The whole evening seemed to be dominated by many elements of the Dutch culture. Before going to the first tee, I went to the driving range to warm up, but of course without “jetons” for the ball machine. Fortunately Steve B was there. I went up to him and asked how it works here with getting practice balls. The trick worked: he offered me his card so I could buy balls… without spending a dime… I owe you a beer for that Steve!

The round itself was a dream, the course in good condition… or did I hear complaints about the greens…? Anyway, they worked for me… and for Ayzo (another Dutchman – I think we outnumbered every other nationality yesterday), who sank every putt within 4 meters. Junglinster is in my view a course where you leave your Driver in your bag, except maybe for one or two holes. Nevertheless, I did hear many trees being hit around me, by those who couldn’t resist.

I always like seeing so many staying for dinner, like Wednesday evening, and I also say this as a representative of our sponsor. Drinks and dinner after the round are at least as important, and at least as much fun, as the round itself. It is that combination that makes the FROGS. And as a bonus we were treated bottles of a nice Rosé – thanks Craig, much appreciated, hope you had a nice Birthday evening!

The results:

Bijnens LEARY: Jess
NEARY: Maarten, who also scored well, despite the starter stress

The Undersigned – 16 points (to which I agreed with mixed feelings….)
Paul G – 15 points
Maarten – 15 points
Andrew – 14 points
Craig – 14 points

And then there is the unavoidable Pink Ball, which surprisingly went to one of our best players: Bottie. And also surprisingly, our leader Steve B, whose goal it was to get rid of his worst round of this season, was also in the race for Pink Ball with the same 9 points as Alan (and Rob), but based on countback (I think?) got away with it. Guest Pink Ball went to Paul Cornet, who hopefully didn’t have too much of a traumatic experience joining us.

AKD Match Play: the Final is known! The semi-finals were close matches: Paul G needed 10 holes to beat Dennis, and Craig beat Jess 1up by winning the 9th hole.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Frogmittee and Jess, on behalf of the players and the sponsor, for all the work they are doing. That sort of work is needed to keep a group like ours going, but these volunteers don’t always feel appreciated, partially caused by unawareness among our members, of the amount of efforts behind the scenes.

Three more rounds to go…..hope to see the same number of players as in the first 7 rounds. We are having a nice season so far, in good spirits…cheers!


CITCO report round 6 – 4 July 2018 – Junglinster

Dear all,

21 Frogs and 5 guests ventured to Junglinster on a rather humid summers evening. The clouds were dark and thunder could be heard way in the distance (way way in the distance) Our starter, Marco, and showing his, as always, sartorial elegance bolstered spirits with fine wine, champagne, beer and some sausage. As Botty said there is nothing like a good bit of Italian sausage.

Play started with a matchplay (NB: please ensure all matchplays are played as per the schedule or risk disqualification) between our very own Lord of Montrose, Dennis, and our Ryder Cup highheedyin, Gregor. They were joined by Neil who had the unfortunate role of running behind the buggy of Lord Montrose.

The groups were tightly packed, each struggling to reach the bar before the rain started. One group, who will remain nameless (Botty, Goes and Mastroddi) saw a flicker of lightning in Belgium and decided on safety first and sprinted walked to the bar.

Colin Cameron teeing off

Dennis and Gregor were closely matched but started to slow up as the pressure mounted. Would the Menace be able to put off our low handicapper enough to secure a victory? Dennis took advantage of his captive audience in the buggy and in his inimitable style managed to get Gregor to agree to:

A lifetime membership of the BCC;

Selling 25 books of raffle tickets for the British Stand;

Establishing a Luxembourg arm of the Montrose Boys FC

Collecting the Merc from the airport car park, do a quick valet and delivering it to his house…

Back in the clubhouse the lightning quick trio had secured ample seating and the stories were, as always, around what could have been… Steve Brown apparently “could have” finished more than just 3 holes but felt the home course advantage was unfair and used his time helping his playing partners. Well done Steve.

Prizes on the night went to:

Longest Drive – Maarten de Groot

Leary – Marco Bus

NTP – Chris Lowe

4th place – 17 points, Rob, where is my fleece, McCorduck

3rd place – 17 points, Jess I Have a fleece

2nd place – 18 points, Luc de fleece is too large Vet

1st place – 18 points. Mark, I still need a fleece, Houston

The Pink Ball was hotly contested but the honours on the night went to Daniel Kaiser [with 6 points, Ed.].

Best guest went to Jarvis Smith.

Finally our Ryder Cup Captain, Gregor, announced the team for the 14th July, the full list I’m sure will be on the website in due course. There was some consternation as no one seemed to know the location of the actual trophy itself. Who had it last? Did it ever get engraved? I’m sure we will hear more on that later…..or perhaps Confucius will have the answer.

The requested dress code for the 14th shows a Scottish hint with the Blue Frogs top and white trousers/shorts being order of the day. Anyone wishing to complete the ensemble with Braveheart facepaint are welcome.

Well done to all who finished the round in such dangerous conditions and thanks again to Marco for starter duties.

I almost forgot, the matchplay on the night was won by The Menace, well done Dennis! [Jess beat Arnaud to move to the semis as well, Ed.]

Look forward to seeing everyone on the 14th!