Results of CITCO Grand Prix round 2 – Preisch – 7 May 2014

Round 2 of the Citco Grand Prix was held on a mixed evening last Wednesday, with 28 players venturing over the border to play the Luxembourg course in Preisch. Early starters got the best of the sunshine, but probably the worst of the rain. Late starters were greeted on the tee-box by rumbles of thunder in the distance. Nervous glances turned out to be unnecessary as it was just Jess Have swearing his way around the Franco/’Burgish countryside, en-route to gathering up his 8pts.

Thanks to Francis Parisis for performing the starter duties on the night.

Top of the leader-board organized itself neatly, duck-like, all in a row. Johnny Hill and Frank Maitry squabbled over third and fourth, with Johnny taking the spoils on 15pts. Craig Ferreira managed to make a few putts this time, bringing home a tidy +2over and 16pts. The daddy on the night was of course Rob McCorduck, waddling away in front with 17 points. It seems the secret is not to play any golf between seasons, just dust the clubs off & knock it around the course … must be an easy game after all.

The bottom of the table was more Moses-like, all in pairs. Last year’s title winner Stephan Ayache & John Sutherland snuck in together second last, on 7 points. Neil Underwood and David Winters occupied the last berth, reserved for those on 6pts, with Dave being deemed the runt of the litter after a combination of different count-backs and count forwards separating them. The fact he tried to sign for 9 points didn’t factor into the decision at all.
Francis Parisis was also present to receive his pink ball from round one so we look forward to seeing you both tee off the 1st with your pink balls in Canach on the 21st. I am sure your playing partners on the night will not need to remind you of your obligations.

Ernest Foy was the last player to have the right to advance the longest drive marker up the fairway & Steve Kaiser took home the spoils for the Nearest to the Pin, although Daniel Kaiser actually hit the fine shot over the water! Both received very fine IOU vouchers, which can be exchanged for FROGS balls when they arrive. Keith Darby was our best guest on the night, with none able to challenge is 14pts. A sleeve of CITCO balls was there for the victor.
Andrew Paton was the clear winner for smartest pants, Alan Botfield the clear winner for worst.
The slippier greens saw the standard scratch on the night dip to 13pts.

Thanks to our sponsors, CITCO.

Results of CITCO Grand Prix round 1 – Kikuoka – 23 April 2014

Last Wednesday saw an excellent start to the new FROGS season, with the sun shining down on 36 Frogs and guests….for most of the evening at least. Our starters James King & Andrew Paton brought home the rear-guard under torchlight. Thank you both for your efforts, and for the refreshments on the 1st.

Round 1 of the CITCO Grand Prix was hotly contested, at both ends of the scoring spectrum. Gerry Mullen pipped Ayzo Van Eysinga on count-back for 4thplace, with 16pts. Count-back was also needed to decide 2nd & 3rd place, with John Brophy’s better closing edging him ahead of James King. Both scored 19 pts … or so we said on the night! A stewards enquiry highlighted a handicap error in the database. An additional 0.1 of a shot for James jumps him to 20pts & in contention for the title … but unfortunately looses again on count-back. Overall honors on the night went to Derek Sinclair. A near perfect round saw him get around in 37 shots, bring home a +1 over par & 20 points. New FROGS shirt, matchplay win, CICTO Grand Prix leader, Facebook update posted – good job Sir!

Mike Lowe put in a solid performance to bring home one more point than Arnaud Bouteiller’s 15pts, to bag theBest Guest prize.

With Bernard’s retirement, there were many eager contenders to claim rebranding rights for the Pink Ball title. Colin Fraser was determined to win as many categories as he could on the night & did his best with 5pts. Hoppy trumped him with an impressive 4pt, but their efforts proved in vain. Francis ‘you can run but you cannot hide’ Parisis claimed the first pink ball of the season with 3pts. Don’t worry Francis, it is being kept warm and safe for you to use to hit off the first teebox at the next CITCO event, however many shots that takes!

Arnaud Bouteiller’s ball is still smoking after that monster effort on the 2nd which has bagged him bragging rights for the Longest Drive on the night, but being a guest had to be content with receiving the applause*.
Colin Fraser temporarily broke with his form on the night, and struck the sweetest of shot on the 7th, giving him the NTP.

* For future events, as a guest cannot win the longest drive or NTP, they should not record their fine shot or move the marker. The FROGS member inviting or playing with the guest should make them aware if this happens.

Standard Scratch was 13pts on the night. The full leader-board is posted on the web-site.

Thanks again to our sponsor CITCO.

SHRM Matchplay
We also saw a flurry of activity on the SHRM Matchplay last night.
Duncan Tippin beat Francis Parisis – 5&4,
Delboy beat Frank Maitry – 4&2,
Andrew Paton beat Steve Brown – 5&3,
Tony Nightingale beat Nick Montague with a walkover, and
Graham Paul, being the only one who wanted to put up a fight, lost out to Simon Baker – 2&1

The remainder of the preliminary rounds are to be played on or before 7th May.

Thanks again to our sponsor SHRM.

I am sure many of you have already volunteered to act as starter, but please check the e-mail address & resend as Andrew has not received your messages. We need starters for the next events. If you have not performed starter duties last year, please consider when you could do so this year.

Those of you who made it on the night will all be in possession of this seasons fine FROGS shirt, moving from last years Dutch colors’ to something more Celtic.

Last piece of housekeeping is to remind everyone that subscriptions are past due. The rumored naming & shaming is much less of a concern than the other whispers of defaulters not qualifying for a well deserved prize!!!

The next CITCO Grand Prix event is on Wednesday May 7th, at Preisch