FROGS-Golfaholics Ryder Cup 2008 – results

The results of today’s match against the Golfaholics was not impressive. We lost 13 1/2 to 3 1/2. However, it was a very enjoyable day of golf with lots of friendly banter and plenty of good golf…

We will be back next year!

Next FROGS outing is the sixth round of the CITCO tour at Junglinster on Wednesday.

LAB Pairs 2008 – results

Plenty of Frogs and a couple guests played in the LAB Pairs competition over 13 holes at Kikuoka on Wednesday.

Halldor Magnusson and Fred Sudret scored 33 pts to win first prize
Luc De Vet and Dave Winters took second spot on countback with 26 pts,
Third place Craig and Baby Ferriera also with 26 pts.

Alan Botfield & Steve Brown and Danny Kaiser & Nathan Sneyd were beaten on countback also with 26 pts.
Best guest was Dave, partnered by Keith Darlington who was awarded the long drive as Craig won that too!
Nearest the Pin was Steve Pretty Much Uselss except the Par Threes Brown.

Ryder Cup 2008

Sunday will see the FROGS taking on the Golfaholics in the Ryder Cup.

These are the final pairings (Golfaholics mentioned first):

9:00 Dancin’ Tom 3 V James King 4; Paul McClaren 8 V Ross Mackenzie 4
9:10 Tom Walsh 10 V Tim van Dijk 10; Alan Lynch 9 V Jess Have 9
9:20 Chris Alford 9 V Rupert Birch 12; John Molloy 12 V Duncan Tippin 12
9:30 Andy Nolan 4 V Craig Ferreira 5; Ray Fitzpatrick 5 V Alan Botfield 6

9:40 Steve Kinsella 15, Andy Collen 15 V Bart D’Ancona 20, Dave Hopwood 24
9:50 Richard Morris 14, Damien Bushe 14 V Merve Herneman 12, Franco Mastroddi 14
10:00 Tony Savage 21, Dave Kearney 24 V Derek Sinclair 14, Dave Winters 22
10:10 Torben 16, John Grisewood 18 V Steve Brown 10, Phil Woodger 12
10:20 Alain Merker 20, Shane Mullally 23 V Ian Doherty 18, Peter Baxter 10
10:30 Pat Hutchines 21, Duncan McMahon 18 V Paul Goes 18, Jonathan Hill 13
10:40 Vihjlmur Axelsson 24, Kevin Beasley 18 V Luc De Vet 24, Halldor Magnusson 14
10:50 JD 22, Andy Ferns 19 V Marco Bus 20, Paolo Tarakadjian 21
11:00 Chris Savage 20, Hugh Savage 21 V Neil Underwood 24, Bernard Biggar 24

Let’s go get ’em!

Full results after the fifth CITCO event

Steve Brown might have won the fifth event, but runner-up Nick Montague takes a 5 point lead on the Order of Merit! Jonathan Hill, despite a weak performance in Saarbrücken, climbs to second on the Order of Merit, while Steve Brown now share third place with Frank Maitry and the leader from the previous weeks Andrew Paton.

Several SHRM match plays were played as well. Alan botfield will send out the sheet shortly and it will be posted under “SHRM Matchplay” as usual.
Full results (Excel).

Next event is the LAB pairs at Canach Wednesday next week.

Fifth CITCO event – results

FROGS visited the Saarbrücken Golf Club tonight. We played the front nine just like last time and the results were – amazingly enough – not any better. That is except for tonight winner Steve Brown coming in with a score 2 over par! Well done Steve.

1. Steve Brown 22 points
2. Nick Montague 19 points
3. Jonathan Hill 17 points

Nearest to pin: Nick Montague
Longest drive: Jess Have

Best guest: Max Maguire
Worst score: Stefano Ciccarello 5 points

Don’t forget next event is next week 25 June. LAB pairs at Canach. Return your late entries to Merve as he will be acting as starter.


Andrew Paton maintains his lead on 62 points with Rupert Birch is in second place on 61 points with Merve as a more distant third on 57 points. Full leaderboard.

Several interesting matches in the SHRM matchplay are coming up as well:
A CITCO/Dutch clash: Tim van Dijk v Ayzo van Aysinga.
Mark Gillies v Merve Herneman
and Duncan is eagerly waiting for the winner of the match Marco v Craig.
Last by not least: The current leaders of the CITCO tour, Andrew and Rupert, face each other in the match play! Current match play sheet

Fourth CITCO event – results

The Frogs played the front nine at Preisch tonight. Albeit the good conditions, no one managed more than 17 points. However, it was a six-way tie!

Tonight’s results:
1. Mark Gillies 17 points
2. John Sutherland 17 points (first time he’s among the winners!)
3. Tim van Dijk 17 points
Jess, Craig and Bart – also on 17 points – were left in the dust, but will of course be cut severely!
Nearest Pin: Craig Ferreira
Longest Drive: Christian Christensen

Worst score: Paul Goes
Best Guest: Christian Christensen.

The complete scores, updated handicaps etc. will be sent out shortly and the CITCO leaderboard will be updated accordingly.

Several SHRM matchplay matches took place tonight as well. The updated sheet is available here.
Next outing is next week – Thursday the 19 June – away day in Saarbrücken. Address:
Golf-Club Saarbrücken e.V.
Oberlimberger Weg
D-66798 Wallerfangen
Phone: +49 68 37 91 800.
Driving instructions are available on their web site.

Third CITCO event – results

Results from last week’s outing at Preisch.

1. Woodge 17 points
2. Simon Baker 17 points
3. Duncan Tippin 17 points

Nearest Pin: Paul Goes
Longest Drive: Nick Montague

Worst score: Bernard Biggar
Best Guest: Francis Parisis

Andrew Paton is still holding on to the lead, despite a measly 11 points at Preisch… Check out the leaderboard.
Next event is next week at Preisch on the 11 June. The starter will sent out the invitation shortly.