Bijnens 3 Club Challenge – Kikuoka – 21 June 2017

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On a sweltering Wednesday evening 10 Frogs contested this year’s Three Club Challenge, generously sponsored by Bijnens Beer. (order yours directly from Serge! One e-mail is all it takes and he delivers to your address, or so I am told!) Everyone gathered at the first tee to check out the protagonists’ selected weapons of choice, where we were welcomed by Colin our starter for the evening. He made sure we were well hydrated before embarking on the challenges ahead.

And challenging it was; tropical temperatures, hard, fast greens and only a few clubs to choose from! Most people did bring a putter as one of the clubs selected, hover Franco managed to use his 3-wood quite handily off the tee as well as on the putting surface.

Returning to the clubhouse terrace Serge had arranged some very fetching polo-shirts to commemorate the event. The shirt-changing ceremony did solicit a varied but generally enthusiastic reaction from the crowd! Some high-pitched shrieking from the female members of the crowd could be heard when Steve’s first polo-shirt turned out to be a little tight in places! When it was Nick’s turn they could barely contain themselves!

There was plenty of Bijnens Beer to go around to quench the thirst that was generated by our endeavours on a hot summer’s day, and several prizes to be won on the night; leary’s on the 2nd (if no-one managed to hit the green it would be contested on the 6th) and the 9th. Steve missing out on both by only the narrowest of margins. The leary went to David on the 2nd and to Serge on the 9th. As one would expect on a beer manufacturer’s sponsored event; the price was some Bijnens Beer! As Serge obviously has (free) access to this he did not claim his leary.

The overall prize was fiercely contested with 3 people coming in with 13 points. Nick lost 4th place to Mark, who in turn lost 3rd place on countback to Colin.
Simon came in with 14 points and yours truly claimed the number 1 spot for a third time with 15 points. A chip-in for birdie on the 5th for 4 points certainly helped!
Which leaves the pink ball………Serge tried his best but 9 points proved to be too good. As a result, Gerry took the honours with 7.

Now I believe this is a first: There was some live music on the terrace and lo and behold: We all witnessed a dancing Frog! Simon Baker showed us some sharp moves that certainly impressed a local damsel…… Is this going to be trend, I wonder?

All in all; it was a very enjoyable event, thanks to our starter Colin, and of course our generous sponsor Serge Bijnens!
See you all next week in Preisch!


CItabel 3 club challenge

Save the date: annual dinner is likely to occur on November 8th – details to follow in due course!

The last golfing event of the FROGS 2014 calendar took place last Tuesday, with a small field do 12 teeing it up with light bags (I almost said “sacks” but that would be inappropriate and, for most of the membership, inaccurate) for the annual Citabel 3 club challenge. A special thank you to Philippe from Citabel for continuing to support the FROGS (note again the 10 percent discount afforded to all FROGS)! each participants scored a nice, thick Citabel golf towel and there were plenty of prizes to go around and thanks for the beers too, Philippe.

Rob McCorduck acted as our starter and continued the fine tradition of supplying beers on the first tee and added doughnuts (Botty now quietly sobbing to himself for having missed this event) – thanks Rob, great job.

Due to the limitations imposed by a light sack 🙂 some shotmaking was required, with very mixed results (ask Mark Houston how well an 8 iron works in bunkers – likely reply is “about 1 in 8”). There was No need for shotmaking for our intrepid starter – who won longest drive by a whisker – as he was the only one who carried a driver (which he used to good effect doubling for a putter)! Nearest to the pin was a fabulous 5 iron by yours truly to a flag tucked in the back right hand corner of 7 – go me!

Our three guests all played pretty rubbish, with Dougie (who missed the prize-giving) the only one who scored at least 1 per hole, taking top spot with 12 points.

There were many 12s, leading to Dave scratching his head with manual scoring and countbacks, with Mark Houston finally edging out Mauro and Rob for 4th. James King managed 13 for 3rd, with Andrew Paton landing second on 15 points and moi edging it with a 16 playing the last two holes in the dark thanks to Rob’s guest, Stuart, being a wee bit late.

Pink ball, for the second time in succession, went to Danny K (who started really well but lost the plot about two holes before the dark caught up with us).

A big thank you to all members for participating in another great FROGS season where we had great weather (proving that karma, in fact, does not exist), good golf, another excruciatingly close Ryder Cup finish, great ambience and a couple of drinks afterward too.

Please save the date for the annual dinner, last year was a ton of fun and we’re looking forward to another good event on November 8th. Remember, you can bring your significant other and we’ll all be on best behavior (at least early that evening).

Enjoy the (other) Ryder Cup in the mean time!

Kind regards

Results from the GolfUSA 3 club challenge

Tough competition, where George McMullen won with a massive 20 points. Should always play with 3 clubs apparently!
Second was Mark Gillies on 17 points and third was decided on countback after a three-way tie on 14 points with Hoppy pulling through. Dave Winters and NIck Montague thus shared fourth place.

Worst was Bart with 5 points…

Thanks to our sponsor GolfUSA for providing some nice prices!

Next event is the Ryder Cup on the 6th October at Canach, and the last event and last CITCO event is the KPMG Individuals at Canach on the 16th October.

Results 2010

CITCO Tour Winners 2010

Overall: Jess Have 86 points
Second place: Frank Maitry 84 points
Joint third place: Jonathan Hill and Merve Herneman 83 points

KPMG FROGS championship:
Winner: Frank Maitry 32 points
Runner-up: Derek Sinclair 31 points
Third place: Duncan Tippin 31 points

3 club challenge champion 2010
George McMullen

De Vere Pairs champions 2010
Paul Goes and Jonathan Hill

Tenth CITCO event
Date: 16 October
Venue: Canach
1. Frank Maitry 19 points
2. Jess Have 18 points
3. Craig Ferreira 18 points

Longest drive: Frank Maitry
Nearest to pin: ??

Ninth CITCO event
Date: 11 August
Venue: Canach
1. Bart d’Ancona 20 points
2. Derek Sinclair 17 points
3. Ian Davy 17 points

Eighth CITCO event
Date: 27 July
Venue: Junglinster
1. Johan Terblanche 22 points
2. Merve Herneman 21 points
3. Nick Montague 20 points

Longest drive: Jess Have
Nearest to pin: John Sutherland

Seventh CITCO event
Date: 14 July
Venue: Kikouka

1. Ernest Foy 19 points
2. Derek Sinclair 19 points
3. Steve Brown 18 points

Longest drive: Jess Have
Nearest to pin: Steve Brown

Sixth CITCO event
Date: 29 June
Venue: Belenhaff

1. Marco Bus 19 points
2. Neil Underwood 17 points
3. Woodge 16 points

Longest drive: Frank Maitry
Nearest to pin: Franco Mastroddi

Fifth CITCO event
Date: 16 June
Venue: Golfclub Saarbrücken

1. Dave Winters 17 points
2. Craig Ferreira 16 points
3. Jonathan Hill 16 points

Longest drive: Dave Winters
Nearest to pin: Craig Ferreira

Fourth CITCO event
Date: 26 May
Venue: Kikuoka

1. Jerry Grbic 20 points
2. Frank Maitry 18 points
3. Neil Underwood 17 points

Longest drive: Steve Brown
Nearest to pin: Tony Nightingale

Third CITCO event
Date: 26 May
Venue: Kikuoka

1. Johan Terblanche 16 points
2. Jonathan Hill 16 points
3. Peter Baxter 16 points

Longest drive: Stefano Ciccarello
Nearest to pin: Andrew Paton

Second CITCO event
Date: 12 May
Venue: Kikuoka

1. Simon Baker 20 points
2. Willem van Rooyen 18 points
3. Dennis Robertson 17 points

Longest drive: Daniel Kaiser/Alan Botfield
Nearest to pin: Gareth ?

First CITCO event
Date: 27 April
Venue: Grand Ducal

1. Jess Have 19 points
2. Tim Tobin 18 points
3. Colin Fraser 18 points

Longest Jess Have
Nearest to pin: Jess Have

Results from previous years

Season round-up

One major problem for the webmaster when unable to attend the FROGS events is that some results arrive here with a major delay.
However, I have just been informed that our executive editor and master mind, Mr David Hopwood, claimed the win at the three club challenge.
Steve Kaiser and Phil Woodger won the LAB Pairs in style.
Check your e-mail to see his latest analysis regarding the FROGS’s past, present and future and last but not least the hairy situation in the Friggen’Mittee.

Last event of the season is the KPMG Individuals scheduled for tomorrow at Canach.

CITCO final standings 2009 and result of round 10

Dear all,

Thanks to our great sponsors Citco for another magical Citco Grand Prix season. (please clap your hands).

What a finale…..well done Ian Doherty, winning on the night and moving into third place in the order of merit.
Steve Brown was beaten on countback (18 pts) which meant Johnny Sutherland with 17pts was fourth, losing out to Mark Gillies on countback (Aussies are used to finishing third – eg Tri Nations) i guess the Ashes wasn’t that bad a result after all.

Dave Hopwood Biggar picked up the worst score prize yet again….even Johnny Sutherland was heard commenting “Hoppy is really sh1t at this game, he should take a lesson or give it up”.

Ian Davy hit a glorious nearest the pin shot….nearly beaten by Stuart Rowlands, if only a few more worms stuck their head up around 30metres from the green….anyway, Botfield smashed the longest drive.

In the order of merit decider, Alan Botfield needed to shoot 16pts to tie Craig Ferreira….with three holes remaining, Botfield needed three pars to win outright….but made only one par….Craig won on 80, Botfield second on 79, Ian D third on 78, and Gillies and Brown finished on 77…Goes and Winters 76, Tim van Dijk, Fred Sudret and Adrian Roadway on 75….Luc de Citco and KPMG Dennis on 74…

3 club challenge (two clubs and a putter) is back at Grand Ducal on Thursday 3rd Sept…we need a starter….apply within!

KPMG individuals is on Saturday 19th, Mr David Winters will be your starter (9.30 – 11am at Canach).

FROGs dinner is at Villa d’Este 8pm on Sept 19th after the individuals…let Nick Montague know if you are coming and if you are bringing a partner….

Let’s finish the season in style….i want you all to make a very special effort in your dress code for the three club challenge, otherwise Paolo Tarakdjian will win the best dressed player of the year award….

That’s pretty much it guys….congrats to Craig and the prize winners….

CITCO final results 2009

You are better with just three clubs!

The results from the 3 club challenge are in:

Ernest Foy beat Paul Goes on countback with 18 points! Third was Bart d’Ancona on 17.

Next one, and last one up, will be the Individuals. More information will follow.

UPDATE: Date for the KPMG sponsored FROGS Championship is the 18th October. FROGS dinner will be on the night.

Results 2007

CITCO Tour Winners 2007

Overall winner: Merve Herneman 89 points
Second place: Marco Bus 88 points
Third place: Alan Botfield 74 points

Individuals champion: Alan Stewart

LAB Pairs champions: Alan Stewart and Alan Botfield

3 club challenge: David Hopwood

Individual CITCO results

Tenth CITCO event
Date: 30 August.
Venue: Junglinster.

1. Stuart Rowlands 20 points
2. Alan Botfield 19 points
3. Colin Fraser 19 points

Longest drive: Alan Botfield
Nearest to pin:

Ninth CITCO event
Date: 1 August.
Venue: Grange aux Ormes.

1. Nick Montague 21 points
2. Marco Bus 21 points
3. Merve Herneman 18 points

Nearest to pin: Marco Bus
Longest drive: Nick Montague

Eighth CITCO event
Date: 25 July.
Venue: Kikouka.

1. Nathan Sneyd 22 points
2. Merve Herneman 20 points
3. Mark Gillies 20 points

Nearest to pin: Mark Gillies
Longest drive: Craig Ferreira

Seventh CITCO event
Date: 18 July
Venue: Junglinster

1. Duncan Tippin 29 points
2. Daniel Kaiser 27 points
3. Keith Darlington 27 points

Nearest to pin: Peter Carter
Longest drive: Richard Geoffreys

Sixth CITCO event
Date: 11 July
Venue: Junglinster

1. Marco Bus 27 points
2. David Winters 25 points
3. Peter Carter 25 points

Nearest to pin: Gerry Mullen
Longest drive: Jess Have

Fifth CITCO event
Date: 20 June
Venue: Kikouka

1. Luc De Vet 18 points
2. Tony Hylton 17 points
3. Dave Cullen 17 points

Nearest to pin: Dave Cullen
Longest drive: Jess Have

Fourth CITCO event
Date: 13 June
Venue: Preisch

1. Jonathan Hill 19 points
2. Phil Woodger 17 points
3. Merve Herneman 16 points

Longest drive: Andrew Paton
Nearest to pin: Rupert Birch

Second CITCO event
Date: 30 May
Venue: Preisch

1. Nick Montague 19 points
2. Duncan Tippin 19 points
3. Jess Have 18 points

Nearest to pin: Steve Kaiser
Longest drive: Jess Have

First CITCO event
Date: 16 May
Venue: Grand Ducal

1. John Buckley?
2. Paul Goes?
3. Virgilio Ranalli

Longest drive: ?
Nearest to pin: ?

Download CITCO results 2007

Results 2006

CITCO Tour Winner 2006

Overall joint winners: Craig Ferreira/Duncan Tippin 76 points
Third place: Alan Botfield 74 points
Fourth place: Nick Montague 73 points
Fifth place: Steve Brown 72 points

Individuals champion: Colin Fraser

LAB Pairs champions: Paul Goes & Jonathan Hill

3 club challenge: Paul Goes

Individual CITCO results
Ninth CITCO event
Date: 31 August.
Venue: Grand Ducal.

1. Ian Davy 20 points
2. Duncan Tippin 20 points
3. Andrea Saura 19 points

Longest drive: Craig Ferreira
Nearest to pin: Alan Botfield

Eighth CITCO event 2006
Date: 26 July.
Venue: Kikouka.

1. Derek Sinclair 23 points
2. Russell Edwards 21 points
3. Rupert Birch 21 points

Longest drive: Jess Have
Nearest to pin: Paul Goes

Seventh CITCO event
Date: 19 July 2006
Venue: Saarbrücken

1. Craig Ferreira 21 points
2. Jess Have 19 points
3. Merve Herneman 18 points

Longest drive: Nathan Sneyd
Nearest to pin: Frank Maitry

Sixth CITCO event
Date: 12 July 2006
Venue: Preisch

1. Franco Mastroddi 22 points
2. Andrew Paton 21 points
3. Jonathan Hill 21 points

Longest drive: Craig Ferreira
Nearest to pin: Jonathan Hill

Fifth CITCO event
Date: 28 June 2006
Venue: Junglinster

1. Steve Brown 28 points
2. Jonathan Buckley 28 points
3. Alan Botfield 27 points

Longest drive: Alan Botfield
Nearest to pin: Luc De Vet

Fourth CITCO event
Date: 14 June 2006
Venue: Preisch

1. Duncan Tippin 17 points
2. Craig Ferreira 17 points
3. Jonathan Hill 16 points

Longest drive: Liam Kerry
Nearest to pin: Paul Goes

Second CITCO event
Date: 10 May 2006
Venue: Kikuoka

Winner: Alan Botfield
Second place: Steve Brown
Third place: Duncan Tippin

Longest drive: Alan Botfield
Nearest to pin:

First CITCO event
Date: 27 April 2006
Venue: Grand Ducal

Winner: Frank Maitry
Second place: Neil Underwood
Third place: Jonathan Hill

Longest drive: Craig Ferreira
Nearest to pin: ?


Below the draft schedule for the 2008 season of the FROGS.

CITCO events

1. Wednesday eve. 23 APRIL at Grand Ducal 9 holes.
2. Wednesday eve. 14 MAY at Canach 9 holes.
3. Wednesday eve. 28 MAY at Preisch 9 holes.
4. Wednesday eve. 11 JUNE at Preisch 9 holes.
5. Wednesday eve. 18 JUNE away day.
6. Wednesday eve. 2 JULY at Junglinster 9-12 holes.
7. Wednesday eve. 9 July at Junglinster 9-12 holes.
8. Wednesday eve. 23 JULY at Canach 9 holes.
9. Wednesday eve. 20 AUG at Canach 9 holes
10. Thursday eve. 28 AUG at Grand Ducal 9 holes.

Remember that your five best scores will count towards your final CITCO score.

Other events

Thursday 25 June (9 holes). Venue: Canach.
October (18 holes). Venue: Junglinster (TBC).

3 club challenge
Thu eve. 4 September (9 holes). Venue: Grand Ducal.

For all events the green fees and tee off times will be announced in the days
leading up to the event. Details of the meals will also be announced. The starter will be
asking you to indicate roughly when you expect to turn up so that we can
allocate starting times.