Results CITCO European Tour 2011 – round 2

Tuesday’s results were as follows:-

1st Mark Gillies 20
2nd Andrew Paton 19
3rd Nick Montague 17

Nearest to pin: Franco Mastroddi
Longest drive: Craig Feirrera

Worst score: Stephane Ayache with 5 points.

Results from SHRM matchplay are not in yet, but will beposted shortly to the web site in order for you to complete the next round!

Away day is confirmed for the 8 June in Saarbrücken. Tee off between 6 and 7 p.m.

Results CITCO Grand Prix 2008

What a finish to the 2008 CITCO Grand Prix season! (See leaderboard for final placings).

The short tree lined front nine circuit of Grand Ducal was the host of the 10th and final Citco Grand Prix of the 2008 season.

Nick Montague (in the Mizuno) took pole position and wore the yellow jersey, after a very nervous start he recovered to score 15 points. Botfield (in the Titleist), also on the front row, spun off at the first corner, and weakly limped round in 10 points. Ian Doherty, third on the grid, with some fatherly help managed a disappointing 12 points! Father did better!

The podium beckoned for the challenging pack;
Dennis Robertson never fully recovered from Round 8, and did not start in round 9 or 10.
Steve Brown never recovered after the German Grand Prix in round 5, mechanical problems have persisted since then and he trundled in with 11 points.
Craig Ferreira (in the Left hand drive) had the powerful engine, but poor gear changes caused him to pull up with 11 points.
Jonathan Hill (in the Golf GTI) threatened, but was always a little short and his 14 points never troubled the podium.

All the contenders failed to pick up enough points to dislodge the top three, Nick is the 2008 Champion, Alan the runner up, and Ian takes third place.

On the night
Nathan scored 18 points, would have won, but left the pits with a bird, a Tony Nightingale in fact, who scored a creditable 16 points. With these two now out of the picture, the prizes were presented as follows:

1st Luc (de sponsor) Vet (17 points)
2nd Stuart (starter) Rowlands (17 points)
3rd Nick (champion) Montague (15 points)

Long Drive – Mervey (2007 champion)
Nearest the Pin – 2008 Champion, Nick Montague

Best Guest – Willem can Rooyen (22 points)
Worst score – Neil Underwood (3 points)

SHRM Matchplay
In SHRM Matchplay Ayzo van Eysinga beat Alan Botfield 1 up – neither player mastered the conditions, but Ayzo hung on…

Congratulations to all prize winners !

Individuals event and FROGs dinner will be arranged shortly – keep checking your e-mails and the web site !!!!

Fourth CITCO event – results

The Frogs played the front nine at Preisch tonight. Albeit the good conditions, no one managed more than 17 points. However, it was a six-way tie!

Tonight’s results:
1. Mark Gillies 17 points
2. John Sutherland 17 points (first time he’s among the winners!)
3. Tim van Dijk 17 points
Jess, Craig and Bart – also on 17 points – were left in the dust, but will of course be cut severely!
Nearest Pin: Craig Ferreira
Longest Drive: Christian Christensen

Worst score: Paul Goes
Best Guest: Christian Christensen.

The complete scores, updated handicaps etc. will be sent out shortly and the CITCO leaderboard will be updated accordingly.

Several SHRM matchplay matches took place tonight as well. The updated sheet is available here.
Next outing is next week – Thursday the 19 June – away day in Saarbrücken. Address:
Golf-Club Saarbrücken e.V.
Oberlimberger Weg
D-66798 Wallerfangen
Phone: +49 68 37 91 800.
Driving instructions are available on their web site.

Sixth CITCO event at Trier Golf Club (CANCELLED)

UPDATE: Due to the heavy rainfall, the course will be closed the coming days. The event is therefore closed, but might be rescheduled.

For those of you with out access to your e-mail: Wednesday’s event is at Trier Golf Club. Information about the golf course as well as driving directions is available on their web site.
First tee-offs are at 6pm. We can’t eat at the golf club, but we will find something.

Next event is the 11 July at Junglinster.


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